Group psychotherapy

The goals and the topics of the psychotherapy groups may vary depending on the participants’ interests and needs.

All psychotherapy groups have common rules like: keeping confidentiality, not allowing judgment or false morals. In this way, each participant can allow themselves to enter without discomfort, and relax in the experiences, and the sharing.

How important is the feedback ?

Feedback is very valuable in groups, as well as the development of a skill for correspondence and transparency /i.e. to express verbally what we feel without feeling discomfortable. Objectivity without bias or influence by other factors is necessary/. Feedback is an effective way of expressing one’s own experience and feelings, which enhances through encouragement or change, and corrects through criticism the behavior of the individual. The open discussion expresses understanding and attitude. Its purpose is to have a positive effect on the individual’s behavior, to stimulate even greater constructive activity and motivation in the person, and thus lead towards a positive outcome for a situation. From a psychological point of view, feedback means that this person is important and significant to you.

The group

The experiences with other participants are unforgettable and valuable. They work on the ability to realize, admit and express different emotions, feelings and needs. 

The group is a safe environment in which one can try out new behaviors, experiment with things and situations, which in real life are scary and avoided. 

The individual meets his or hers own limitations and deeply hidden traumas, which are overcome with love and support. The group allows for checking one’s own reality with that of others for the sake of growth and development of the personal capacity in a favorable social-psychological climate.