Company psychological counselling teambuilding

A successful organization is the one being capable of using the individuals’ energy, integrating their needs and goals with its own. A team has some particular characteristics in the process of formation and performance which should be observed in order to guarantee quality, effectiveness, high productivity and financial stability. 

Psychological counselling offers expansion of knowledge and experience in human resources managing; building management style; mastering psychological management approaches and tactics; developing skills for managing and solving conflicts; evaluating personal and team potential.


These forms of training appeared as a response to the needs of the human resources market – team working. This is a group dynamic training for creating a sense of belonging, stimulating cooperation within the team, improving communication between individual members of an organization (firm, company). So that, based on this, expansion of the team and the personal potential, increase of individual motivation, effectiveness and quality of teamwork be achieved. The team activity is directed at positive experiences and enhancing self-confidence and confidence in partners, trust is built up. 

Some of my techniques

Using various role-playing games, training techniques, and creative group assignments, an opportunity is given for team members to become more efficient, more dynamic, more energetic, more flexible, and respected, to advance more quickly in career. 

By learning through experience, self-expansion, self-knowledge and development are achieved, as well as understanding of the other and establishing connection. Skills and coping strategies for managing stress in professional life are mastered.