In this meeting together, you will receive information about me and my work as a teacher and psychotherapist. You can contact me, express your opinion or ask a question.

  For most of us, life today is more and more busy, the tasks and requirements are increasing, we suffer from chronic lack of time for ourselves and for the people we love. The imposed responsibilities /in most cases imposed by ourselves/ are chasing us, and what our soul and body want… is another question. They will have to wait.

  I am convinced that it is up to us to live in harmony, to feel great, to be happy and successful. But… we have to accept our own nature, to be ready to make an effort and, most of all, to have the will to change.

  The miracles are within us and this is proven by my life experience and my many years of practice as a psychotherapist.

     And what about you …?!