Кое ни провокира да решаваме проблемите си с преяждане? Гостува психотерапевтът проф. Захарина Савова, BTV, “Преди обед”, 27 ноември 2017


     My passion and explore the exotic beauty of the world, the mysteries and depths of human nature. When the desires and interest coincide the nature of work you can feel happy person.


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Team building

COMPANY PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING TEAMBUILDING A successful organization is the one being capable of using the individuals’ energy, integrating their needs and goals with its own. A team has some particular characteristics in the process of… Read More »Team building


The goals and the topics of the psychotherapy groups may vary depending on the participants’ interests and needs. All psychotherapy groups have common rules like: keeping confidentiality, not allowing judgment or false morals. In this… Read More »Groups


The individual psychotherapy aims at a positive change towards increasing the quality of life to achieve satisfaction and happiness; it can also be a therapeutic choice in treating some illnesses. In this context, it is… Read More »Individual


  A natural need and goal of every human being is to be happy. But how many of us feel that way during most of our lives?! Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are one of the ways… Read More »Psyhotherapy

Professional activities

Author of over 100 scientific publications in Bulgarian and foreign publish houses. Participated in over 80 national and international events. My scientific research, applied work and practice include the following: 1. Social medicine – health… Read More »Professional activities